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If you want to stop in to purchase products or are considering buying livestock, we’ll be happy to make an appointment to see you. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to send us an email.

If you want to learn homesteading skills, check out our class schedule.

If you are just generally curious about our life or our farm, we schedule three or four Open Farm Days every year when people can drop in, visit with the animals, and buy products without making an appointment. We also schedule a variety of demonstrations on those days, such as scything, spinning, mozzarella making, goat milking, etc. We are also one of the participating farms in the Livingston County Farm Crawl, which covers north Livingston County off I-55.

For years, we would let people come over individually to visit and see the farm, however we are no longer able to do that. Although it’s always lots of fun, we don’t get a lot done, and we’re always behind to begin with! And it really didn’t work out when people offered to help or just follow us around as we worked. Things didn’t get done, or they were done badly because we were busy answering questions and not paying attention to what we were doing.

If you have questions about raising goats, you can join this great online community that Deborah started in 2009 because she couldn’t keep up with the number of personal emails people were sending her about goat care. There are now literally thousands of questions and answers about all sorts of goat issues in the archives. And there are lots of friendly members willing to share their¬†experience and advice.

You may fill out the form below to contact us or send a message by snail mail.

Antiquity Oaks
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