Goat Milk Soap

At Antiquity Oaks we make our own goat milk soap and natural body care products. To learn more, please visit our soap page.


$5.00/ounce, Shetland yarn

$6.00/ounce, Shetland/llama blended yarn

$7.00/ounce, llama yarn

Skeins are priced individually and are usually around 250 yards. Let us know how many ounces you need, as well as what color, and we will select skeins accordingly.


Lamb Р$7/pound, whole lamb (35-50 pounds)

$100 deposit

Plus processor fees

Lambs are processed in the fall. Please contact us if you would like to reserve one.

American Guinea Hog pork

$4.50/pound, whole hog (70 to 125 pounds hanging weight)

$100 deposit

Plus processor fees

Pork is available only as a whole hog (70-125 pounds hanging weight), but because American Guinea Hogs are smaller than commercial hogs, they are not very big. Although this may sound like a lot of pork, a whole hog will fit into one or two picnic coolers. We are currently taking deposits for pigs that will be processed in 2019. To make sure we have a pig for you, we need a $100 deposit. Prices will be $4.50 per pound, based upon hanging weight. Please note that hanging weight will be more than actual meat, because some bone and fat is trimmed off the meat during processing. You also pay the processor $30 plus 55 cents per pound for cutting and wrapping the meat. Making patties, sausage, and smoking are extra. Processor charges may change without notice, since we don’t set them. We try to keep this page updated with current prices, but sometimes they change the price, and we don’t know about it right away. You tell the processor exactly how you want your pig processed (how much ground meat, what kind of pork chops, hams, roasts, what you want smoked, etc.), and you pick up the pig from the processor.

To reserve a pig, contact us to make sure we have one available, as we always sell out. Once you know we have a hog for you, you can send your deposit to Antiquity Oaks, P. O. Box 181, Cornell, IL 61319. Include your name, address, email, and phone number. We like to have multiple avenues to contact you in case you move or change your phone or email after placing your deposit. We will send you an email confirming receipt of your deposit. Also, please include an approximate amount of pork that you want. We will assign pigs based upon the order deposits are received, so if you sent in your deposit first, you will get the pig closest to the weight you requested. If your deposit was sent in last, then you get the one that’s left. Your weight request can be as simple as “biggest pig available.” If you are sending in your turkey deposit at the same time, you can simply make a note on the turkey reservation form that you’ve also included a deposit for a pig and what size you want.